Endless Summer: Fall Release #1

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Lilly Pulitzer just released their first installment of their fall collection “Endless Summer” and it is filled with so many pretty colors and pieces!

The principal colors of this release are Tangelo (burnt orange), Raz Berry (bright magenta), and Sea Glass Aqua (mint). The Tangelo orange color definitely evokes fall feelings and leaves, but Raz Berry and Sea Glass Aqua still give this collection a summery feel. Looking at everything in this release, I am just as captivated by the solid pieces as I am the printed ones. My favorite solid pieces right now are the Raz Berry Lyra Jumpsuit, Dusk Top, and Adrienne Dress. This color of pink is so pretty and flattering on all skin types!

The primary prints of this release are Treasure Trove and Isla de Coco. I love the Lizette Maxi in Isla de Coco. The aqua backdrop is so pretty and well complemented by the tangelo and raz berry. I also really like the Aaron dress and Colette skort. I think they did a great job at producing a wide range of items in this print at different price points so that there really is something for everyone in this print. 

Treasure Trove would have to be my second favorite print from this release. They have a good number and variation of pieces at different price points whether you want loungewear/activewear or something a little dressier. My favorite pieces are the Zanna romper and Tosha dress. I know there has been a lot of hype around the Loro top and Jodee dress, but as much as I love my Loro in Reel Nauti, I don’t find the silhouette flattering enough on my body type to go crazy for either of these styles. 

We have been seeing tons of ruffled and multi-tiered items in the past few releases, and I’m sure as much as I hate this trend, we will see it continue through the rest of this season. 

Today is also the last day to receive gifts starting with your $75 purchase! When you spend $75+ you will receive a silicone wine glass and with a $200+ spend you will receive the silicone wine glass and a mesh beach tote. 

What are you planning on buying from this release? Let me know in the comments!

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