Dressed for the Summer Sale!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited for the new week and all the new sales about to get started! Lilly Pulitzer has had a number of unprecedented sales so far this year and they will have another one yet again starting Monday at 8am!

Their dressed for the summer will be a sale on all of their resort and spring season styles that you can wear right now to brighten up your summer! Some of the prints that I know will be included are: Totally Blossom, Who Let the Fronds Out, and In Full Bloom, among others!

The Linnet Stretch Shift in Totally Blossom

The sale will go live at 8am and there will be a virtual queue to get into the site. The sale will only be happening on the Lilly Pulitzer website (not at in store corporate locations) and at signature stores. Here are some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer sale shopping tips for the most successful sale haul:
Have a game plan. It always helps to have a list of the items you want, in the prints you want, in the sizes you need! That way, you’re more productive and on a mission to find what you want instead of just grabbing at random sale pieces. I suggest trying on the pieces you want in store before the sale and writing down the style and print names so that you know what to look for when the sale comes!
Have as many devices logged into your account on the website as possible and use them all to hop into the digital queue. The digital line fills up fast, so the more “spots” you can have for yourself, the faster you’ll be able to get in and out with the items you want, and then quickly get back into the sale if you want to browse for anything else.
Once you have your “must haves”, be sure to check out ASAP! Items will sell out super fast and any items in your cart are not “reserved” for you until you check out!
Know print names, style names, and sizes you need so that you can quickly search and check out with your items!
Have a list of signature stores and their websites and phone numbers handy! If you can’t find what you’re looking for online or at your local corporate location, most signature stores will have what you’re looking for in stock and will ship!

Hopefully all of these tips help! Happy Shopping!

The Sabrinah Midi Dress

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