Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Delivery #2

The week is ending right now, the school year here in Florida is ending, we’re about to have a holiday weekend, and we have new Lilly! The new arrivals today are a part of the second summer delivery and they are “patriotic themed” in the spirit of this weekend!

The big prints for this delivery are “Reel Nauti” and “Miss Shell”, but we are also treated to two other prints, “Krillin it” and “Make a Splash”. In my personal opinion, Miss Shell looks more patriotic than Reel Nauti because of the slightly different color scheme. The colors in Miss Shell are deeper shades of red and navy blue, where the colors in Reel Nauti are more pastel and look more unwashed.

There are tons of great options to pick for your next summer outing, but my two personal favorites are the Kristen Flounce Dress, the Loro Dress, the Jonna Romper, and the Naila Midi Dress.

These options are great because they work for any sort of casual or dressy occasion. They are also all versatile enough to be worn on the beach in the heat, or with a cardigan or denim jacket depending on the temperature.

This weekend Pink on Main is also offering some great gifts with purchase with every $100 spent! With each 100$ spend you are able to pick a stainless steel tumbler in any of these four adorable prints: Reel Nauti, It was all a Dream, Shade Seekers, and Give me the Juice!

What will you get with your GWP this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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