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Shade Seekers: Lilly Pulitzer Summer Delivery #2 and Catalog Sneak Peeks

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I just wanted to update you all on my thoughts for the second Lilly Pulitzer summer delivery from last week and let you know my thoughts on some of the sneak peeks we’ve gotten in the catalog this week!

The Summer Catalog

First things first, let’s talk about the new collection. Last week Lilly Pulitzer released items in the prints “Shade Seekers”, “Turtle Villa”, and “Aqua Lounge”. All of these prints are based on beautiful blue colors and focus on marine life- “Shade Seekers” is centered on jellyfish, “Turtle Villa” is centered on turtles, and “Aqua Lounge” is centered on coral and mermaids.

My favorite print from this release is “Shade Seekers”. I love pink and blue prints, especially those focused on marine life, and the pieces that they released in this print are just as fun. The swim collection is beautiful, Mercato totes are perfect for work or the beach, and the dresses range from casual to dressy. My top three favorite items in this print are the Mercato tote, the Mareena Maxi, and the Marlo Espadrilles. The Mercato tote is hard to beat with its functionality. It works great as a beach bag, or a bag for anything else. The canvas is strong and sturdy, the straps are perfect to slide over your shoulders, and the side pocket and zipper are great for keeping things organized and safe. The Mareena Maxi is super versatile in that it can be dressed up or down, and it is made of the “Lilleze” fabric which wears and washes well and doesn’t require dry-cleaning! Lastly, the Marlo Espadrilles! I love printed accessories because they add a fun, whimsical, and unexpected pop of print to any outfit and these espadrilles are no exception! I can’t wait to see them in person and try them on! I love matching my outfits to my accessories, but I also love print mixing and adding pops of print to solids.

“Turtle Villa” is my second favorite print from this release mostly because I like to gravitate towards prints in lighter shades and I feel like the blue background in this print is very vibrant, but dark. My favorite items in this print are the Jane Shift, Margot Dress, and Mealy High Neck Swimsuit. The Jane Shift is one of my favorite styles to wear to work or dinner, it is a very comfy swing dress silhouette while keeping things dressy with its beautiful high collar and lace trim. The Margot Dress is another wonderful and comfortable swing dress style, but it is lighter and made of cotton, making the feel of the dress more casual and perfect for hot and humid summer days. The Mealy High Neck Swimsuit is a beautiful bathing suit that reminds me a lot of the Isle Lattice one pieces. The fit is very similar and is very flattering and supportive.

“Aqua Lounge” is my least favorite print from this release. It is beautiful, but I feel like so many of these two- color prints tend to look the same/ blend together, and they don’t grab my attention as much. My favorite piece in this print are the Kelly Pants. Kelly Pants are beautiful, functional, and comfortable. As a teacher, they’re my favorite pants for work because they are printed. I think that in “Aqua Lounge” they’ll be easy to print mix with the Marlo Espadrilles, some light blue gingham, or easy to match with any solid.

Kelly Pants in Aqua Lounge

Now, for the sneak peeks from the catalog! The first surprise in the catalog is on the first page when you open it. Lilly gifted us all a coupon for $100 off our purchase of $300 or more, so make sure you don’t forget to grab your coupon! The catalog has items from the first few releases, items in “It Was All a Dream”, “Turtle Villa”, “Shade Seekers”, “Krillin It”, “Aqua Lounge”, “Coco Island”,”Make a Splash”, “Reel Nauti”, and “Miss Shell”. The catalog also gives us a glimpse of some items we will see in upcoming prints like “Gimme the Juice”, “Beat the Heat”, “Sea Cups”, and this summer’s pop up print a re-release of the “Lilly State of Mind” patchwork.

They didn’t give us any sneak peeks of upcoming GWPs, but there is a rumor that we will see a big GWP with a cooler and beach chairs for July 4th. What are you most excited for from the catalog? I am most excited to see the new items in the “Lilly State of Mind Patch”. Let me know what you’re excited for in the comments!

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