Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2020, Release #1!

Happy Thursday Everyone! We are one day away from the weekend and we have NEW Lilly Pulitzer prints and styles to look at today!

This release has been long awaited since it was supposed to originally drop April 23rd, but because of the pandemic, it was pushed back until today. As with their summer lines every year, we will see many nautical themed prints, and we will be treated with a fun, summer GWP (Gift With Purchase)!

The print I have been most excited about from this launch is Unicorn of the Sea. It is a beautiful pink and green sea themed print featuring narwals, the unicorns of the sea. So far I am liking the options they’ve given us. My favorite pieces in this print so far are the Hollie Tunic Dress, the Skipper Popover, the Ainsley Tank Top, the Gabby Stretch Shift, and the Becki Skort.

Another print I was really excited to see today was Pineapple Shake. I love a good pineapple print and the pineapples plus the colors featured in this print made for a really cute print! My favorite pieces in this print so far are the Jonna Romper and Callahan Knit Shorts.

The third print in this release is It Was All A Dream. It is pretty, but in my opinion, the two other prints are much prettier, but I am loving all of the new style options that it has come in. My favorite pieces in this print are the Blaire Stretch Dress, the Adelina High Collar Shift Romper, the Ocean View Short, and Daphne Skort.

Among many other companies, Lilly Pulitzer has also been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. This wasn’t the full release planned as not all items were able to come in on time due to delays caused by the pandemic. A perfect example of this is today’s Gift With Purchase. Lilly surprised us with a super cute barware themed GWP, a bottle opener for the $75 spend, a pair of printed acrylic cups for the $150 spend, and we were supposed to have a matching acrylic pitcher for the $300 spend. Unfortunately, due to delays caused by the pandemic, they are substituting the cosmetic case from the spring break Fished my Wish GWP for the pitcher. I have more Lilly cups than I can count, so I will be sitting this GWP out, but I was really looking forward to seeing that pitcher.

What are your thoughts for this release? Let me know in the comments!

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