Lilly for Pottery Barn 2020!

Good morning and Happy Almost Friday everyone!

Overnight, the third and final installment of the Lilly X PB collaboration was released and in my opinion, it was a little disappointing. It was mostly a re-release of previous items from the collaboration, with only a few new pieces.

The older pieces in the collaboration are solid items (I even have some in my house that I LOVE), but I was hoping for more new pieces and prints, and more outdoor items. I have been loving my Lilly X PB items since I have purchased them, and I can’t wait to enjoy them more and add a few to my collection this time around too.

Even though I am a little disappointed there weren’t many new items, the few new items I did see were gorgeous! The only new items I noticed were some new quilts and shower curtains.

In addition to the few new items added, I was happy to see some of my favorite items back again, like the Fan Sea Pants Quilt and shams pictured with me here, and these adorable Pineapple Party Sheets from the last release. There are so many adorable items that will help your home feel bright and sunny all year round!

You can find this quilt on the pottery barn website here!

What are you hoping to get from the collaboration this time around? Let me know in the comments!

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