Spill the Juice: Fished my Wish

Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope everyone had a wonderful week!
For this week’s edition of Spill the Juice I’m sharing info on the upcoming Lilly release and acompanying GWP.

Right now while supplies last, with any $100 purchase, Lilly is offering a $58 set of two champagne tumblers for $20. The tumblers are in the Coral Bay print and appear to be stainless steel and insulated, but I might wait to purchase those at APS after I splurged for one of the matted 5X5 prints last weekend.

So cute!

Speaking of the matted 5X5s from last weekend, they gave us a sneak peek of one of the biggest print in the next release! The next release will be on March 14th and is themed “Fished my Wish”. Some of the items from the next release that were featured in the catalog are now up on the website and they look beautiful! Fished my Wish looks very similar to Sink or Swim and Lover’s Coral, but I love a good coral themed print, so I’ll bite.

The Delancey Dress in Sink or Swim – Summer 2019
The Ardleigh Dress in Lover’s Coral – Spring 2016

My favorite pieces that are out for preorder on the website already are the following: The Isle Lattice swimsuit in Fished my Wish and Mercato tote in Don’t Stop Beleafing.

The Isle Lattice Swim Suit is hands down my favorite swim style (I might already own three swimsuits in this style already!) It is comfortable, holds everything in and is not too cheeky, and it lets me feel sexy while still wearing a one piece. They tend to fit true to size in my opinion.

The Mercato tote is another one of my favorites. I own one in Lilly’s house and it is a great canvas tote that is perfect for work or the beach. It is a tote style very similar to the Vineyard Vines classic tote, with a top zipper and outside side pocket. A cute and functional style is always a win in my book!

More sneak peeks have been released by Nordstrom and @thepinkpumpkin on instagram, and I like what see! I really like the Marcella Maxi in Fished my Wish and the Pearl Romper in Don’t Stop Beleafing

Going along with the new release will be the biggest GWP set of spring- all in the Fished my Wish Print with items from a $75 spend level all the way up to a $1200 spend level.

With a $75 spend you will receive a card wallet, a $200 spend will receive a travel organizer, a $400 spend will receive a double cosmetics case, an $800 spend will receive a backpack tote, and a $1200 spend will receive a travel duffel with a matching crossbody bag.

What are you planning on getting during the Spring Break promo? Let me know in the comments!

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