Spill the Juice: Coral Bay

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ll be spilling more about the pieces coming in the Lilly release next week and the upcoming GWP.

Our first look at the Coral Bay print

As I mentioned in my previous post, next week 2/27 there will be another spring delivery release and its theme will be Coral Bay. Lilly hasn’t given us many hints about this release, other than providing us some pictures of mostly green and pink items which have provided us with some retro 60s and 80s vibes.

This week, one of my favorite instagram accounts for Lilly sneak peeks- @thepinkpumpkin has spilled some juice with some fabulous stock photos that we’ll see up on the site next week. There seems to be no shortage of items in the Coral Bay print. It looks like we will be seeing many familiar favorites returning (ie, the Blanca romper, the Harper shift, Elsa silk top, Buttercup shorts, Karmen cami), but it also looks like we will have plenty of new styles to explore too. Unfortunately I don’t have any names or other information on these new styles, but I can’t wait to see what else gets released in Coral Bay!

The gifts with purchase that follow this release are stackable. The gifts begin on 2/29 and last through 3/1. With every $100 spend, you will receive a matted 5X5 print of your choice in the following four prints: Fished my Wish, Peony for your Thoughts, Hanging Around, and Paradise Found. These prints are so pretty, especially for a guest room, bathroom, or any room with a tropical theme.

What are you most excited for in the new release? Coral Bay, or something different? Let me know in the comments!

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