Spill the Juice 2020: Spring Deliveries

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Spring has sprung and that means it is time to bring back my weekly Spill the Juice Feature! Every week I will be posting information about the upcoming spring deliveries, my thoughts on them, and information on upcoming gifts with purchase!

Right now we are well underway into the spring deliveries, as the first two were released on 2/2 (In Full Bloom) and 2/10 (Aqua la Vista). These releases are gorgeous, and the first delivery brought us a beautiful stackable GWP with the mini planters! The GWP to go along with Aqua la Vista’s release will begin TODAY 2/14. There are three tiers, a soft sunglasses case for the $75 spend tier, a beach backpack with the $200 spend tier, and a beach towel blanket with the $500 spend tier.

This weekend’s GWPS

After this weekend’s GWP, we won’t see another release until 2/27 or another GWP until 2/29- which will see a release themed “Coral Bay”. We already caught a glimpse of this print during the planter GWP, and with how pretty it is on the mini planter, I’m sure we will love everything in the release.

GWP Mini Planter shown in Coral Bay

The Aqua la Vista release from this past weekend is beautiful, and provided us with lots of beautiful swimwear for the spring, as well as some beautiful dresses. My personal favorites from this release are the Jane dress, Mercato tote, and Jaspen one piece in Aqua la Vista, the Delia stretch shift, Kirsten dress, and packable tote in Hip Nautic, the Catriona tassel cardigan in Urchin Pink, and the Adalee shift dress in Blue Ibiza.

What have your favorite new pieces been? Let me know in the comments!

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