Teaching in Lilly: Lilly on a Budget

Happy Friday everyone!

Many of you know that I am a middle school teacher, and that I love styling my Lilly in the classroom. Many of you are also teachers who style your Lilly in your classrooms and are working with a similar budget! I love brightening my day with Lilly- clothes or office supplies! Based off of remarks the kids make when I’m not in Lilly, I’m convinced my students love it too. When I show up to school not wearing Lilly, my kiddos always ask where my colors have gone.

I wanted to share with you how I “Lilly on a budget”, because everyone has a budget and not everyone wants to wait for the After Party Sale in order to get some new Lilly 🙂

  1. Sales- Even though corporate Lilly only has two sales per year, many corporate stores will frequently have a sale rack where they will mark down older merchandise. Signature stores also frequently have sale racks and more frequent sales interspersed throughout the year. All signature stores are different so call one to find out what they might offer 🙂
  2. Shop Small! – Signature stores often will run limited specials on specific items or email you a coupon to thank you for being a loyal customer! I recently saved just over $100 on new release items because a sweet signature store had sent me some coupons for Valentine’s Day! Many signature stores also have rewards programs where it is easy to rack up points for major discounts on your Lilly! Some of my favorite signature stores are Pink Narcissus, the Pink Palm, Pink Colony, and Palm Village!
  3. Consignment stores- Many consignment stores offer a great selection of new and used Lilly clothing and accessories. You can find out what they carry by following them on instagram, visiting in person, and calling individual stores. My favorite consignment store to go Lilly hunting at is GatorLilly in College Park, Winter Park, and Winter Garden just outside of Orlando.
  4. Online- there are tons of ways to find new affordable Lilly online. There are many groups on Facebook in addition to Facebook Marketplace where you can buy and sell your Lilly in addition to resale sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. Sometimes, Amazon has their Lilly marked down a little, and you might even find some good deals on the outlet site 6pm.com!
  5. Sell your Lilly! I often sell older, gently worn styles that I no longer reach for so that I can have a little more money to spend on new Lilly! I have had great experiences selling on Poshmark, Mercari, and at GatorLilly, but Ebay, Facebook, and other consignment stores are great places to sell your Lilly too!
  6. Marshalls and TJMaxx- Check your local Marshalls and TJMaxx stores! Sometimes, (especially in the spring) depending on your store’s location, you might find some great Lilly deals at these stores, but it can be more hit or miss due to your store’s location and the day and time that you visit.

I hope these tips help your find more Lilly and maximize your Lilly budget! Questions? Feel free to let me know!

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