The Custom Shift Shop: Worth Avenue

Happy Thursday Everyone!

The Custom Shift Shop inside the Worth Ave Lilly Pulitzer location

I’m so glad that it’s almost the weekend!

The official school year is finally over for me, but that doesn’t mean the work stops there! I’m so excited that my summer of camp, professional development, lesson planning, and travel is about to begin!

I celebrated the end of the school year last weekend with a quick, fun trip to West Palm Beach! For any Lilly lover, a trip to West Palm Beach wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Worth Ave Flagship store! I fell instantly in love with the new releases of summer and had a blast trying things on.

The Jane shift in Floridita
Mila shift in Hot on the Scene

After I picked out a few pieces from the new release that I loved, I had so much fun designing my custom shift dress with Calyn at the custom shift shop!

The hardest part was picking out the print that I liked the most. The options are Lilly’s Pink Bouquet, Lilly’s Blue Bouquet, Lilly’s Jungle Patch, Wild on Worth Ave, and Palm Beach Toile. This time around, I chose Wild on Worth Ave. I love the colors and the animals, and have been obsessing over the print since I first saw it at the grand opening of the Worth Ave store in November.

Prints from top to bottom: Lilly’s Pink Bouquet, Wild on Worth Ave., Lilly’s Blue Bouquet, Lilly’s Jungle Patch, and Palm Beach Toile

The second step of our process was to decide which dress shape I wanted, Mila or Gabby.

I chose Mila, and I tried on a Mila pattern in my size so that we could confirm the needed size and measure out the length that I wanted my shift to be.

The third and final step of our process was lace style and placement. This was probably the most fun part of the process because there are just so many options! The lace styles I chose were daisy lace and scrolling loop dot lace, but I will leave my placement choice a surprise for when it comes! 🙂
I loved designing my shift and I can’t wait to make another next month at the Pink Retreat!

Which print would you have chosen for your custom shift? Let me know in the comments!

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