Spill the Juice #9

Happy Saturday y’all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently. I’ve been chaperoning field trips and sprinkling a little classroom time in between, while drowning in grading :/ But I am back and I have plenty of juice to spill!

Firstly, our first delivery of summer arrived this past week and it is beautiful! There is lots of pink, lots of citrus, and lots of seersucker!

Our newest pop up print is Flamenco! Remember that fun pink and green pineapple print from a few summers ago? Well it is back as pink pineapples on a blue background, and will be coming in many options.

Another print that we will be seeing a lot of is Havana Cocktail. If you think back a few months ago, Lilly’s photographer Ben Watts (@watsupp on instagram) gave us a few sneak peeks of this print and the GWP that will be available in this print. There will be many pieces in this print, but I think my favorite so far is the Steffi dress (shown on the model here).

I tried on a few Havana Cocktail pieces today, but none of them came home with me except the GWP 🙂 I’m holding out for some of the new pieces coming out next month first. I finally pulled the trigger on some pieces in Lion Around and Cheek to Cheek that I’ve been so excited to snap up.

Our Havana Cocktail GWP is themed “Warming Up to Summer” and will have gifts at five different spend levels. There will be a pineapple ice tray with any spend, printed appetizer picks at the $100 spend level, a set of four melamine plates at the $200 spend level, a picnic set with a $500 spend level, and a standing cooler at the $800 spend level. All spend levels include the previous levels’ gifts as well. This set of GWPs will be available from 4/25-4/27 in addition to the 60th anniversary $600 spend level GWPS which will be available until the end of June or until supplies run out.

As for the exciting things happening next month, there will be two different GWPs available, some of the prettiest prints of the season, more printed shoes(!!), further additions to the golf collection (including golf bags!!), and the release of the annual patriotic print! More to come on these later.

Did you snap up any of the new pieces? Let me know what you got in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend!

xo Steph

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