Spill the Juice #7

Happy Saturday Friends! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

This weekend I’m sharing info on this past spring delivery, the next spring delivery, items on sale right now at corporate stores, and the next gift with purchase promotions.

This past delivery of new arrivals and is themed “Cheers to Sixty-ish Years!”. In this delivery we were lucky to see many pieces that have been inspired by vintage Lilly designs (think: funky prints, fun lace trim, and classic shift dress silhouettes) all in celebration of the brand’s 60th anniversary. My favorite prints from this delivery were Cheek to Cheek, Lion Around, and Bunny Hop! Bunny Hop is sure to be perfect for Easter with all of the hidden bunnies! Each of the prints in this delivery have ’60’ hidden in the prints along with animals and flowers to celebrate the brand’s 60th year.

The next spring delivery will be on 4/11 and is themed “Sun Days in Lilly”. I don’t have much intel on it other than that the highly anticipated print “Party Wave” will be included in this delivery!

Next on my list is in store sales. I know many of you don’t live near a corporate store (I’m so spoiled because I live near three) and therefore you guys don’t know when older styles and prints are first marked down before the After Party Sale. Some things that I’ve noticed being marked down recently are ladies items in Bohemian Queen (including this maxi!!), velour lounge separates, items in Postcards from Positano and Zest for Life, and sleepwear. If you’re curious about prices, call a corporate store and ask about the item you’re interested in. They’ll be happy to help you out with the price information and they’ll help you track down the size you need even if they don’t have it in their store.

The last item for today is the next gift with purchase promotions. Now that the Spring Break promotion has ended, many of you have been asking when and what the next one will be.

From April 12th through the 14th there will be another gift with purchase promotion to coincide with the next (and last) spring delivery themed “Sun days in Lilly”. Shoppers will receive a charm bracelet with a $75 spend, and a small clutch purse with a $250 spend.

There will also be an ongoing gift with purchase starting tomorrow, 3/31 and running until 6/29. It is a high tier gift with purchase at the $600 spend level. Lilly will be offering an elephant wine bottle stopper, two wine glasses in Bunny Hop, and a wicker wine basket in Cheek to Cheek. You will need to spend $600 to receive the whole set.

Questions? Let me know your thoughts down below!

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