Spill the Juice #4

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s time for Spill the Juice #4 and today, I’ll be talking about the Lilly pieces that will be released tomorrow, the upcoming spring break gifts with purchase promotion, and the new information that has been released about the Lilly X PotteryBarn collaboration!


For tomorrow, the delivery’s name is called “For the Love of Pink and Green”. I think it is safe to assume that the prints and items that we will be seeing will heavily focus on the classic Lilly color scheme of pink and green. Lilly herself was known as “The Queen of Pink and Green” and the brand has stayed true to that throughout the years. The big print that everyone is excited for tomorrow is “Koala me Maybe”, the pretty pink and green print from the most recent gift with purchase promotion and is currently available for preorder on the website in two styles, the Maisie stretch shift dress and the Carlottta maxi dress. These two styles were featured in the spring catalogue, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak in person of the Carlotta maxi at the Resort/ Spring Fashion Presentation and Celebration back in November. Personally, after trying on the Maisie stretch shift dress in white, I’m hoping for some other shift options tomorrow, but I’m very excited to see what other pink and green prints might be released!


Next, the #SpringBreak gift with purchase promotion! This spring gift with purchase promotion used to be known as Lunch with Lilly and back in the day, the biggest prize you could win was lunch with the barefoot princess herself! It was known as lunch with Lilly until about 2016, and was renamed last year as the Spring Break promotion. It is one of the biggest gift with purchase promotions of the year, up there with the Lilly’s birthday and Splash into Summer promotions. This year, our print is Kaleidescope coral, and our gifts will consist of:


A turtle phone stand ring with any spend, a choice of a convertible towel backpack or tennis racket cover at the $200 spend level, a train cosmetic case and brush set at the $500 spend level, a round carry-on duffle bag at the $800 spend level, and last but certainly not least, a hard covered suitcase at the $1200 spend level. I hated this print in the look book, but seeing the promotional photos is making me want everything! If you’ve got your eye on any items for spring, don’t wait to shop during this promotion! Local corporate stores will offer to “pre-sale” your items for you ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on the gifts with purchase. Always try to shop early because the gifts have a tendency to sell out!


Lastly, new Lilly X Pottery Barn information! Yesterday, Lilly and Pottery Barn released a new promotional video and the collection’s release date! Set your alarms for 12:00am on March 15th because that is when the collection will launch on Pottery Barn’s website across PB, PBTeen, and PBKids! Looking at the promotional video, it looks like it will be very similar to last year’s collaboration, and will probably include many of the same prints (hello, Fansea Pants, Pink Lemonade, and Mermaid’s cove) while we see a few new ones too (Slathouse Soiree and a Lilly XPB patch!? Count me in!). I’m very excited to see their selection of shower curtains and their new lamps and accessories!


If you haven’t already caught the video, you can find it here! What are you happy to see or hoping to see when the collection launches? Let me know in the comments!



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