Spill the Juice #3

Happy Wednesday y’all!

It’s time for #SpilltheJuice #3!

We are well into spring deliveries and they seem to be getting cuter and sunnier the closer we get to summer! This week, we can expect a new batch of arrivals on Thursday 2/28. In this release, we can expect to see a lot of the “Sweet Pea” print. It is gorgeous and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of it at the 60th anniversary fashion presentation. Based off of what we have seen so far from the fashion presentation and the spring catalogue, we can expect this two piece set and this wrap dress in this print. We can also expect to see the print “Party Thyme” launch this week as well. We’ve seen it come in the Parigi maxi in the catalogue, but we can also expect to see a shift, some palazzo pants, a Donna top, and a Florin top from what I’ve heard online!

Starting on the release date 2/28, there will be a lemon shaped bag charm awarded with any spend, and a travel umbrella awarded with a $200 spend. “Koala Me Maybe” is supposed to be released on 3/9 with the delivery “We Have a Thing for Pink and Green”, but I have a feeling we will probably be seeing items in this print earlier than expected 🙂

Other delivery dates we can look forward to this spring:

3/9 We Have a Thing for Pink and Green

3/23 Spring Break State of Mind

3/31 Cheers to Sixty-ish Years

4/11 Sun Days in Lilly

Something else I’d like to #SpilltheJuice on today is the new collection of Lifeguard Press home accessories for Lilly Pulitzer. This new collection has a bunch of items that I know many of us have been waiting on them bringing back for a while (think dishwasher safe pool cups and melamine plates, and market totes!!) This collection is a continuation of the offerings of home accessories that we’ve already seen; encompassing pillows, valet trays, notebooks, journals, and cups, but it also brings back some of their older products that we’ve been missing in new prints. I already have some of their old melamine plates (in Hotty Pink First Impressions!) and pool cups (Chiquita Bonita and So A Peeling) in addition to a few of their older market totes (Pink Lemonade, She She Shells, and Red Right Return). These are items that I use every day to brighten up my routine, and I’m so excited to be able to add to my collection.

Lastly, I have heard a few rumors through the grapevine regarding the second round of the #LillyforPotteryBarn collab! I have heard that the release date for this year’s installment of the collaboration will be released on 3/13, and that Lilly might also release a pop up print the same day to go with the PB launch. Last year, Lilly brought back a new colorway of Home Slice, I can’t wait to see what print they choose this year!

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