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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the most fabulous party and grand opening of the most beautiful store I have ever had the pleasure of shopping at: The Lilly Pulitzer store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach!

This new location is a big deal because it is a few doors down from Lilly’s original Juice stand location! Today, all that’s left of Lilly’s original store is a small Jewelry shop, but I’m sure even Lilly couldn’t imagine all of the beautiful details that the design team thought of as they created their new store!
From the stunning ceiling floral installation and water fountain, to the custom shift shop and in house print studio (oh YES!) it seems like the design team thought of EVERYTHING! There is even an in house juice stand where you can enjoy your choice of local Florida citrus juice or prosecco!


The custom shift shop is probably my favorite part! You can choose from five custom prints that are exclusive to the Palm Beach store (Lilly’s pink bouquet, Lilly’s blue bouquet, Wild on Worth Ave, Palm Beach Toile, and Lilly’s Jungle Patch), then choose from two silhouettes (either a Mila shift or Gabby shift). Once you’ve done those two things, you get to choose your desired length, and any lace embellishment you might want! Then they measure you and handmake your dream dress just for you! Prices start at $495, but will vary depending on added lace and length.

After I shopped till I dropped at the grand opening, I was lucky enough to get onto the list to the most fabulous event I’ve ever dreamed of! To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand, Lilly Pulitzer closed down Worth Avenue, put out a pink carpet, hired male model waiters decked out in Lilly Pulitzer Aprons serving cocktails and canapes and had a wonderful DJ pumping jams out all night. They also took advantage of the occasion to host a beautiful fashion presentation featuring some of the most stunning designs for their upcoming Resort and Spring collections.




All in all, the whole weekend was a dream come true. I love checking out new resort locations in Florida, and while I love the west coast, Palm Beach did not disappoint. It was my first Palm Beach experience and I already can not wait to return.


This weekend will not be as glamorous, but I’m excited to soak it all in and relax. ❤
Make this weekend a great one!

Xo Steph
P.S. Don’t forget to check my instagram for pics!


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